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iTriTracker, a Windows-based application, was developed to fill the void in running log software currently on the market. As an extension, it also supports the storage of swim and bike workouts out of the box, thereby allowing you to track a variety of workouts within a single application. The customizable settings allow you to configure the data to your needs such as storing values in metric vs. statute distances and organizing your schedule based on a Monday-Sunday week (or the standard Sunday-Monday).

Once you’ve entered your event, iTriTracker provides you with a variety of ways to analyze it. You can convert the data to a chart format, group events by race type, or view the events by current week, current month or even year-to-date. The intuitive icons help you easily determine whether the event was a bike ride, run or swim.

iTriTracker even keeps you up-to-date on your equipment’s statistics. You can track mileage on specific gear, such as shoes or a bike, by simply checking a box.

The following information can be captured by iTriTracker when defining events:

• Class (Run, Bike, Swim)
• Event Date
• Start Time
• Event Type (Default or user-defined)
• Course (Default or user-defined)
• Distance

• Duration
• Gear (Shoes, Clothes, etc.)
• Weather (Conditions, Temp, etc.)
• Vital Signs (HR, Weight, etc.)
• Lap Data
• Notes
And since multiple users can track their data at a single source, you can easily share information (courses, event types, races, gear types, etc.).

Finally, iTriTracker allows you to import and enhance Garmin Forerunner and Edge data, as well as exports from the online log. Users logging their data by other means can import it into iTriTracker using a comma separated value (CSV) file.

More information can be found at iTriTracker’s dedicated site.

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